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Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Written by Rajiv Joseph, Directed by Ian Crawford

The Unicorn theatre (Kansas City, Missouri)

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo tells a complex story that follows two U.S. Soldiers, a gardener turned interpreter, Sadam Hussien's dead son Uday, and the ghost of a tiger wrestling with questions of redemption and the cosmos, and the purpose of life and his existance after. 


This show unfolds in the tradition of magical realism, grounded by the gritty content and dark overtones of the harshness of the Iraq War.  Set in and around Baghdad, the eleven scenes take place in eight different locations, calling for a set that is  both versitile and universal in it's uses.  For this purpose, the scenery is painted mainly using the same violet-tinted grey tones throughout, providing a canvas that can support the beauty that each scene presents. 



December 2014

Director: Ian Crawford
Lighting Designer: Kris Kirkwood
Scenic Designer: Sarah White
Costume Designer: Lindsay Davis

Sound Designer:  Sarah Putts
Props Master: Bret Engle

Technical Director:Adam Terry


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