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She Kills Monsters

Written by Qui Nyugen, Directed by Ronn Johnstone

Earlham College, Richmond Indiana

After Agnes's family dies in a car accident on the way to her college graduation, she ends up back in her home town, teaching at her high school and dreading moving on and moving out of her childhood home.  When boxing up her sister's room, she finds a notebook containing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that Tilly was writing.  Determined to learn about her younger sister, Agnes seeks out someone who can help her play the game, and ends up learning as much about herself as she does about Tilly.

Set in the recent past (no cell phones and dialup internet), our production sought to touch base with both 80s and 90s cosplay aesthetic as well as the two worlds of the play, the real world and the world within the D'n'D campagin. The "pile" of the set then came to represent both the house Agnes was in the process of boxing up, but also the mound of things that she was discovering about her sister and Tilly's friends.

November 2017

Director: Ronn Johnstone
Scenic Designer: Sarah White

Projections Designer: Sarah White

Costume Designer: Mia Slayton

Lighting Designer: Sage Weber-Shirk

Sound Designer: Lynne Perkins-Socey

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