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Puddin and the Grumble

Book by Becky K. Boesen, Music by David von Kampen; Directed by Becky K. Boesen

Johnny Carson Theatre,

The Lied Center for Performing Arts

Lincoln, NE

What does Hunger in America look like today?


Told through the eyes of a plucky fifth grader, Puddin' and the Grumble explores what happens when people work hard and still struggle.  Tackling childhood hunger, poverty, feeling alone and what it is to grow up, the show surges through highs and lows as Puddin (whose real name isn't revealed until the end of the show) is left with her grandma Dodi when her mother has to take on extra shifts at work.  Mama misses her little girl, and Dodi is unprepared for taking care of a child, while Puddin' navigates the difficulty of a new school, new classmates and


Puddin' and the Grumble was written by the writting duo of Becky K. Boesen (book and lyrics) and David von Kampen (score), and inspired by the kids in the Clinton Creative Club at Clinton Elementary.  The show was comissioned by the Lied Center for Performing Arts after a 2014 --- where it was revealed that a staggering   and was presented by the Lincoln Community Foundation.  This production also partnered with the Lincoln Food Bank in efforts to raise money for the Backpack Program, where at risk students are given backpacks of food to help them get through the weekend.


March 2016

Director: Becky K. Boesen
Scenic Designer: Sarah White
Costume Designer: Dan Jones

Lighting Designer: Del DeLorm

Technical Director: Jesse Snyder


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