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The Merry Wives of Windsor

Written by William Shakespeare, Directed by Bill Simmons

Basile Theatre, IndyFringe

Indianapolis, Indiana

Though recontextualizing Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor is not a new idea by any stretch, this final show of Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project's 2015-16 season continued with it's stylistic themes centered around art styles or periods, choosing the 1950s as a backdrop for what is often considered a mysoginistic piece.  Instead, under Director Bill Simmons' direction, this production leaned heavily on female friendships and farce to produce a feminist rethinking, citing I Love Lucy's Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz as a base for Mistress Ford and Mistress Page.

For the scenic design, instead of letting Windsor be a village, suburb, or any number of other over-used locations, we chose to set our production in a hotel casino, a place that would serve as a weekend getaway for these middle class suburbanites; somewhere they could get away and let loose.  Thus, the Windsor Hotel and Resort was born!  

Heavily influenced by The Beverly Hills Hotel in style and color pallete, the set worked as simultaneous indoor/outdoor public and private spaces, such as a lobby, poolside lounge, or the sitting room of a hotel suite.

February  2016

Director: Bill Simmons
Lighting Designer: Christian McKinney
Scenic Designer: Sarah White

Technical Director: Ronn Johnstone


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