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​Written by Theresa Rebeck, Directed by Ronn Johnstone.  Anderson University/ The Wisdom Tooth Theatre                                                                          Project, April 2011    
Byrum Hall, Anderson University Theatre

A modern action-mystery-drama centered around a stamp collection? Doesn't sound particularly compelling. Throw in two half-sisters who barely know each other and each want the stamps for different reasons, and three sketchy men who are also itching to get their hands on the collection, and you've got a tight-knit story that keeps you (and the characters) on your toes.


The set was crafted to display larger versions of the stamps specifically mentioned in the play, particularily the One Penny and Two Pence Post Office Stamps from Mauritius, where the show gets its title. A complex series of rakes, platforms and stairs, tied together with bits of realism (railing and trim) allowed the blocking to be navigated through the show with only crossfades between scenes.

All the stamps except the Columbian Four Dollar were printed on over-head slides and projected onto Luan/Masonite, sketched and painted.


April 2011

Director: Ronn Johnstone
Lighting Designer: Chrisitan McKinney
Scenic Designer: Sarah White
Costume Designer: Sarah Cochran
Props Designer: Dori Elliott
Technical Director: Kathleen Warner

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