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I'm Gonna Pray for You So Hard

Written by Halley Feiffer, Directed by Jeff Church

The Jerome Stage, The Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City, MO

This two act, two actor show examines the relationships between a father and a daughter, playwright and an actor, and how we relate to our art.  Laced with humor, precisely aimed barbs and cocaine, I'm Gonna Pray for You so Hard shows how our lives follow generational cycles of failure and redemption.

The set in Act 1 is a Upper West Side apartment, long lived in and well loved.  Act 2 is the Off-Broadway set design for a one woman show based on her family, set in that same apartment.  This required a shift in scenery (a swinging wall) and periphery changes that belied the atmosphere of the theatre (removal of masking blacks on the sides, backlighting a muslin covered wall to reveal it's framing).

April 2017

Director: Jeff Church
Scenic Designer: Sarah White

Technical Director: Greg Chafin

Lighting Designer: Art Kent

Costume Designer: Ian Crawford

Props Master: Bret Engle


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