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Marvelous Cornelius

Written by Shane Strawbridge, Directed by Susanna Young

Hollins Theatre Institute, Hollins University, Roanoke, VA

Based on a true story, Marvelous Cornelius tells the tale of a garbage collector who helped clean up New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devasted the city.  In Hollins' 2017 touring J-term production, our design followed the illustrative style of the children's book the play is based on.  This challenged me to create interior backdrops to match the exterior spaces styled in the book, as well as create a cohesive and consistent series of backings to use in the multiple locations in the script with only five backdrops available to paint in the storybook set designed to be reused each J-term.

The students who partook in the J-term company also assisted in painting the show, mixing colors and learning paint techniques where needed.  

January 2017

Director: Susanna Young
Scenic Designer: Sarah White

Technical Director: John Forsman


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