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Escanaba in da Moonlight

Written by Jeff Daniels.  Directed by Kevin Guthridge.  The Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County.  June                                                                                                  2010.
The Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County

This slapstick and dialect-filled comedy pits five men from the UP of Michigan against their dreams and potential nightmares as 30 year old Ruben tries to bag his first buck before he becomes the oldest member of his family to never have shot a deer during hunting season. Hillarity ensues in the forms of the Jimmer, who was once abducted by aliens and still seems affected and Ranger Tom, who claims to have seen God on the mountain, but both are topped by the Native American antics Ruben's wife Wolf Moon Dance tells him to go through so he can bag his buck.


The set was designed to be a simple hunting cabin, with little in the way of decoration or functionality. It had to be large enough to encompass a bunk and a single bed, as well as a couch, chairs and a table - all of which were used in the physical humor of the show.


June 2010

Director: Kevin Guthridge
Lighting Designer: Ben "Patch" Paciorkowski
Costume Designer: Justin Feichter
Props Designer: Kayla Straub
Technical Director: Craig Yeager

(Photos by Don Ishler)

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