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The Golden Touch

Written and directed by George Bus, Minnetrista Theatre Preserves.  July 2011
Formal Lawn, Minnetrista Cultural Center

This short retelling of the King Midas story was performed at the outdoor Fairies, Sprites and Lights event during the summer of 2011 at the Minnetrista Cultural Center. The small size of the pop-up book allowed for construction in the shop before the set was assembled under the tent on the formal lawn.


The idea of the pop-up book came from the idea of the characters staying inside the story (thus on the book) until they had to make a big change to save King Midas's daughter Rose, who had been turned to gold. The book was also on a rake so that the audience would understand that it was actually a book and not just a stage.


July 2011

Director: George Buss
Lighting Designer: Joshua Moore
Scenic Designer: Sarah White
Costume Designer: Tonya Kunkel
Props Designer: Nic Blevins
Technical Director: N/A

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