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Marvelous Cornelius

Written by Ben Jolivet, Directed by Todd Ritsau

The Waldron Theatre, for Hollins Theatre Institute and Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, VA

What choice do you make when stuck between a rock and a hard place - or rather, a dying child and the far fetched prospect of saving her by placing her in cryogenic sleep?  Cold asks those questions and more from the location of a hospital waiting room.  

Like the idea of cryogenics, a waiting room is an in-between space, never a starting place or a final destination, and the script feels the same.  By allowing the design to fade into the void on either side of the focal back wall, this production gave Cold the empty gravitas to be filled by the enormous questions it asked.

January 2017

Director: Todd Ritsau
Scenic Designer: Sarah White

Technical Director: John Forsman

Lighting Designer: Alicia Varcoe

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