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 Schoolhouse Rock: Live!

Directed by Ron Megee

The Coterie Theatre (Kansas City, Missouri)

Schoolhouse Rock: Live! is a musical based on the Schoolhouse Rock animated educational videos that were made begining in the 1970s.  For this producation at the Coterie Theatre, director Ron Megee's concept was quite different than most productions of this show.  Since the current script for Schoolhouse Rock: Live! makes itself modern by use of references to Pluto no longer being qualified as a planet during one of the songs ("Interplanet Janet"), Ron's concept was that in the future, Earth has become too crowded, so all of Pop Culture has been shipped off to another planet where people take fieldtrips.   In our first meeting, he asked for a "pile" and an "explosion" of Pop Culture on stage, specifically from the 1970s to the present.  All props used in the show were to come out of this pile, and the dressing for the set, the props and costumes would all be a collaborative thrifting endeavor.



April-May  2014

Director: Ron Megee
Lighting Designer: Art Kent
Scenic Designer: Sarah White
Costume Designer: Georgianna Londre-Buchanan
Props Designer: Mary Nichols
Technical Director: Scott Hobart


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