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Women Playing Hamlet

Written by William Missouri Downs, Directed by Lynne Perkins Socey

Earlham College, Richmond Indiana

When Jessica Bisset is cast as Hamlet in an upcoming production, she immediately thinks she can't play the role.  After all, what has she "got in common with a 400 year old fictional character?"  As she works her way through the nuances and challenges of the role she's tasked with now, a flurry of characters played by a rotating ensemble cast reveal that not only are we in some ways "the roles we play" but also the roles we choose for ourselves that make us who we are.

November 2018

Director: Lynne Perkins Socey
Scenic Designer: Sarah White

Projections Designer: Nicole Hankins

Costume Designer: Mia Slayton

Lighting Designer: Sage Weber-Shirk

Sound Designer: Jordan Wolfe

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