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Eat This!  Kansas City Chews on the Politics of Food

Written and directed by Stephanie Roberts.  UMKC Theatre, March 2013

Studio 116, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Eat This! Kansas City Chews on the Politics of Food was a devised theatre piece adapted from interviews of different people in the area, ranging from chefs to cattle farmers to resturant owners and urban farmers.  The show was designed before the script was written, based on conversations with the director and the chefs who served soup for the audience every night, requiring a burner to heat the soup onstage as part of the show.  


A major point in the design became the constant discussion of the diferent perspectives presented in the interviews and that became more apparent as the script began to take shape.  To assisst in this storytelling point, the show was literally designed to change the audience's perspective during intermission, from facing the south and east walls in Act One to facing the south and west walls in Act Two, changing perspective from the country to the city.  Act Two also became more 'resturaunt like' by the addition of tables in the intermission, which aided in the serving of soup at the end of the show.  



March 2013

Director: Stephanie Roberts
Lighting Designer: Matthew Mitra
Scenic Designer: Sarah White
Costume Designer: Alex Kingston
Props Designer: Jeff Ridenour
Technical Director: Patti Goebel

(Photos by Brian Paulette)

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